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Optical Boutique

AppleEyecareOptometry Optical 01Our optical goal is to make you comfortable throughout the frame selection process and make sure you are happy with such an important decision.  We don't want you ever second guessing - so if you need to take a day or even a week to think about it, we'll be here when you are ready to move forward!

We provide high-quality frames and lenses for lifestyle, occupational, recreational, and safety needs. A large selection of frames and sunglasses for all ages, infants to adults, are available.

Our Opticians are constantly working with labs to provide a wide range of scratch-resistant, protective coatings, lens designs, tints, and even options for Blue light filters.

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BlueTech indoor lenses provide protection from sources of harmful high-energy blue light, such as harsh fluorescent lighting, computer screens, and personal electronics, while giving you relaxed vision. BluTech Lenses fit your lifestyle and any style frame. Ease the strain on your eyes and see well into the future!

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As a courtesy, eye wear adjustments and cleaning are provided without charge and without appointment.  Come by today for any of our services and enjoy a fresh cookie.



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